“Small changes over time – yield BIG results!”

“highly recommended”

“After receiving a possible cancer diagnosis, my doctor told me that I needed to have surgery. I was scared and distraught. I was easily angered at work, and on the verge of tears all the time. I thought yoga might help, but I was worried that I would break into tears during class. I emailed Lynne about private sessions.

During our consultation, it became evident that my best option was to sign-up for a six month coaching package. I am so glad that I did! In the weeks before my surgery, Lynne helped calm me down and envision a positive outcome. She led me through guided meditations, which were wonderful. I had never meditated before; it was a great experience. I was able to work without getting angry or crying. I went into surgery feeling more calm than either my husband or sister. I truly felt confident that I would be able to face any outcome! Fortunately, the cyst was not cancerous.

After surgery, we started working with my body, slowly, getting me back into shape. Lynne helped me shift ingrained poor postural habits that always worsened when I was under stress. Now I am so much more aware of my body and posture. I am also in much better shape; even my skin rash and digestive problems improved when I followed Lynne’s advice. She helped me rehabilitate a sore shoulder that I injured when I slipped on the ice. I highly recommend Lynne, her coaching and therapeutic yoga work. She is a truly caring person who has many great skills to help you improve your health, mentally and physically.”


Carla N.

Realtor, Delap Realty

“big results with Lynne’s excellent guidance”
Lynne helped me see the little things that I kept overlooking, and helped me pay more attention to how I was living. I now have greater self awareness, know my limits and can now wake up refreshed, clear minded so I can focus on my art work.”

Jackie H.

Photographer, Artist, Hampshire College

“skilled and empathic practitioner”

In Lynne, I found a skilled and empathic practitioner who offer an integrated, systemic and holistic approach to health and wellness. She worked seamlessly with my personality putting me immediately and completely at ease. We laughed often, and I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions. Lynne is an overflowing font of information and addressed my main areas of concern: diet and sleep. The improvement in my health in only two months was dramatic.  I decreased my insulin use by half and eliminated the OTC sleep aid I’d used for 5 years.
I highly recommend Lynne to anyone who seeks to feel better and live well.

~ Gail V., 65

Professor, Holyoke community College

“really important part of my life”

THANK YOU for being here, doing the awesome work that you do! It is a really important part of my life. I am so to grateful you. I continue to work on bringing my body, mind and soul into some kind of clear working and constantly changing understanding and relationship. Sometimes so light, sometimes hard to bear! Wow!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

~ Connie T., 68

Potter, HIgh Hollow Pottery

“I’m so grateful”

Working with Lynne has radically changed my understanding of food and nourishment for myself and for our planet. Personally, I feel calmer. My mind is able to slow down and process the bumps in my day.  I’m finally able to determine when I’m hungry vs. when I eat because my mind desires something. I’m definitely a work in progress and know that it will take “practice” to integrate this knowledge fully. I plan to continue taking Lynne’s classes. I’m so grateful.

~ Rochelle N., 58

Physical Therapist

“more than fabulous – a miracle”

After my accident, I was in so much pain, but you seemed to know exactly what I needed – not too much, not too little. Working with you was the first step back to normalcy and hope; you got me on the road to health. My back pain went away completely. I am very grateful.
It was more than fabulous working with you – it was a miracle!

Elise Y, 69

Professor of International Women's Studies

“really valuable, big changes”

I am finding the information that you gave me to be really valuable. I’ve already seen big changes in my digestion. The water every morning before food has not only helped me poop like clockwork, but I can feel how much my body likes it! I like the pace of taking time for myself each morning; my organs feel as though they are getting pumped up and ready for the day.

~ Caroline M., 60


“It’s like magic!”

Honestly, you came in the nick of time! I used the cold busting tonic & the decongesting tea recipes this week at the onset of a bad cold. I can honestly tell you they have made such a difference!  It’s like magic!! I feel so much better. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

~ Dawn S., 56



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