My Unique Formula:
Practical Education + Informed Practice + Support = Success!!

“Information and education are worthless until you put them into practice. And priceless when you do!”                                ~ Lynne

Practical Education:
Too many women lack accurate and detailed information about what their female physiology actually needs to stay healthy, up to the last day of their life. Sure, we all know we should drink plenty of water, be active and get enough rest, but this generic advice (although true) is not nearly enough to give you an edge over aging, nor will it guarantee that you’ll feel fabulous and look great as you age.

My approach combines traditional self care practices with modern science to educate you about your body, so you can become a woman-in-the-know and enjoy celebrity status self-care!

Informed Practice:
There is a vast ocean of medical, scientific and health information available today on the topic of woman’s health. Unfortunately, much of this information is conflicting and confusing, I will teach you how to increase your intuition, draw upon your unique feminine wisdom, distinguish between useful and useless information and become your own inner authority!

Many women are already well informed about what they ‘should do’ to stay healthy. But they complain that they never have enough time to incorporate healthy habits into their life, or they try on their own to be more healthy, but just don’t know what to do or cannot create  consistent habits long enough to get the results they desire!

This is where my holistic health coaching will serve you!
I’ll guide you to get savvy with self-care practices, adopt nourishing seasonal routines, replace bad habits with awesome habits, and choose the right foods and exercise to support your unique needs.

My coaching bridges the gap between information, education and practice, by offering ongoing coaching support, which is lacking from most modern health care systems.

Rare is the woman who is fully armed with useful information AND puts her knowledge into daily practice. Very Rare. If you are that woman, it is highly unlikely that you need my service, but you may know of women who do! Please send them my way.

Ongoing support is offered with kindness, encouragement and accountability. It takes time to make positive changes, and have them become second nature. I’ll help you to get on track and stay on track, until you have developed the practical experience and wisdom to guide yourself.

My clients tell me that I am really good at what I do!
More importantly, they report great success with my coaching support.

From my vantage point, I simply teach my clients how to take the very best care of themselves at each level – body, mind, emotions, intuition, spirit.  As a holistic health coach, I use whatever methods are needed to educate my clients to become effectively self-aware, to enjoy success and drawback as a chance to learn how their habits affect their wellbeing.

My service combines information on traditional and modern health care ‘best practices, education about the body’s actual needs, effective techniques to balance body, breath, emotions, mind and nourish the spirit.

So if you:
* are unhappy with the way you are aging.
* are not sleeping well and not waking up refreshed.
* have gained weight during menopause and cannot lose it.
* feel exhausted and look older than your age.
* are losing strength, feel vulnerable or unsure of your body.

My coaching could be just the right ticket to get you back on the train to radiant health and wellbeing.

Want to find out if I’m the coach for you?
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Reclaim your health and vitality today.